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      • Free shipping in Canada!

        Until September 1st, shipping to Canada will be FREE! We are making space in the warehouse for our upcoming products!

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      • Rémi Maynègre Samouraï series on sale now!

        After doing a couple of conventions with the samourai series, we are finally putting them on sale on werehouse.ca! A lot of people we have met at Montreal Comic-Con asked us when those prints would be available online, so now it is. Note that other models will be released soon...

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      • Becky's prints!

        For those of you who ordered Becky Cloonan prints "As Always She is Waiting" and "Leave No Eye Open To Weep For The Dead" along with other products, please note that your prints have been shipped separately in mailing tubes! You should receive your other products a little bit ahead...

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